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A Bit of Background

Romani children are significantly overrepresented in state care in many European countries, where Roma often represent over 80% of all children in care. The ERRC has taken cases in the across Europe to expose this systemic racism, at all levels of the care system and judiciary. We know Romani children are also being unfairly taken away from their parents in many more countries where we do not have a presence. We want to make sure that this injustice is exposed and litigated against.



In order to help activists, lawyers and Roma Rights defenders fight against illegal and discriminatory placement of Romani children in state care, we have collected together all of our research, articles, litigation documents and local partner information. All of the ERRC’s research into Roma in State Care, across countries where we work on this issue, is available in this section. You can also find information on litigation we have carried out, or aided, in fighting discrimination in state care.

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